Canara Bank offers attractive interest rates to a wide range of agriculture loan products. Below is the table that lists out the different rate of interests for different loan amount: 


S. No

Agriculture Loan Limit

 Applicable Rate of Interest


 Agriculture Loans up to Rs. 3 Lakhs



 Agriculture Loans above Rs.3 Lakhs and up to Rs. 1 Crore



 Agriculture Loans above Rs.1 Crore up to Rs. 2 Crore

 MCLR + 2.30% to MCLR + 3.50%


 MCLR +  2.30%


 MCLR + 2.55%


 MCLR + 2.80%


 MCLR + 3.50%


 Agriculture Loans above Rs. 2 Crore (Rated Internally under   RAM Model)

 Internal rating


 MCLR + 2.40%


 MCLR + 2.75%


 MCLR + 3.05%


 MCLR + 3.75%


 Agriculture Loans above Rs. 5 Crore (where external rating   undertaken)

 External rating

 AAA or Equivalent

MCLR + 1.40%

 AA or Equivalent

MCLR + 1.50%

 A or Equivalent

MCLR + 1.85%


MCLR + 2.80%


MCLR + 3.35%


MCLR + 3.50%


MCLR + 4.50%


 Gold Loans for Non-Crop Purpose

 1. Gold Loans and GLOD for     Agricultural Purposes

 MCLR + 0.45%


 2. Gold Loans and GLOD above Rs.2   Lakhs up to Rs.5 Lakhs

 MCLR + 2.45%


 Gold Loans for crop production purpose upto Rs 3.00 Lakhs are eligible for Interest Subvention. RoI   of 9% to be during subvention period. Beyond the period of interest subvention, applicable card rate   as applicable to agricultural loans is to be charged.


 Rate of Interest for SHG Loans

 Up to Rs. 3 Lakhs

 MCLR + 1.30%


 Above Rs.3 Lakhs


 Rate of Interest


 SHG with more than   125 points

 151 to 170: MCLR +   1.55%


 125 to 150: MCLR +   2.05%


 SHG with 100-124   points

 100 to 124: MCLR +   2.80%



 Estate Purchase Loan (Term Loan Only)




 Estate Purchase Loan





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