If you have an interest in studying about money, investments and how markets affect the global economy, then finance could be the right choice for you. Despite the economic downturn around the globe, finance careers promise great earning potential. The reason could be due to the indispensable part it plays in the growth for any employer. 

Before choosing finance as the major in your undergraduate degree, it is important to know what are the topics covered. Finance as a major, you will be studying about how money flow is regulated, how various financial markets work, foundational investing principles, capital planning, investments, international finance and financial analysis, and different financial aspects of business. 

You must also remember that finance is not all about numbers. Many finance positions require skills such as strong written and oral skills, persuasive speaking and social perceptiveness. Henceforth, if you plan to take finance as your major, evaluate your personal skills and line of interest before choosing it as the career.