The SMS banking facility at HDFC makes it easy for customers to access their accounts and carry out banking transactions 24 x 7 from their mobile phones. SMS banking eliminates the need to visit a branch physically, thereby making banking easier, smarter, and simpler. One of the biggest benefits of SMS banking is that you don't require a smartphone. You can avail these services on any basic mobile phone. 

With HDFC SMS Banking, customers can access their accounts quickly by sending an SMS to HDFC bank from their registered mobile number. The SMS banking services offered by HDFC include:

  • Monitoring their accounts - checking the balance, mini-statement, etc. 
  • Carrying out banking transactions like fund transfer
  • Keeping a track of their fixed deposits 

The SMS banking facility can be availed in both English and Hindi as well.

How does HDFC SMS Banking work?

HDFC SMS Banking allows its users to perform many functions such as accessing the account statement, mini-statement, etc. The facility requires its customers to type a specific keyword and send it as an SMS to 5676712. The customer then receives a text message in response within a matter of a few seconds. The SMS contains the requested details like the balance in your account, etc. 

SMS Code


SMS Format


Balance Enquiry

Bal <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>


Mini Statement

Txn <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>


Account Statement Request

Stm <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>


Cheque Book Request

Chq <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>

Cst<6-digit cheque no.>

Cheque Status Enquiry

Cst<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>

S2p<6-digit cheque no.>

Stop Cheque

Stp<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>


Details of a bill



IPIN (Internet banking password) regeneration



Enquiry of Fixed Deposit



Change of Primary Account

New <14 digit account no.>


Keyword List