HDFC credit card holders can change their Credit Card pin using any of the following ways


If you are registered for NetBanking, follow these steps to have your PIN re-issued

Step 1: Log in to HDFC Bank NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password

Step 2: Navigate to the Credit Cards tab

Step 3: Click on the Credit Card ATM PIN option

Step 4: You have to select your Credit Card from the drop-down menu

Step 5: Then click on ‘Continue’

Step 6: Confirm the transaction 

At Any of the HDFC Bank ATMs

You can reset your PIN at HDFC Bank ATM. Follow these steps: 

Step 1: First you need to call PhoneBanking to get the OTP on your registered mobile number for PIN generation at ATM

Step 2: Go to an HDFC Bank ATM, insert your credit card and on the language selection screen, choose ‘Create new ATM PIN using OTP option’

Step 3: Now enter the OTP that received on your mobile

Step 4: Enter your registered mobile number in the next step

Step 5: You can now set your 4-digit credit card PIN


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