There is no fixed amount that is set for a credit repair. The cost will vary from case to case. Besides the amount to be paid back to the bank to clear the unpaid dues, the number of negative accounts determine the cost of credit repair. If you have more than one negative accounts to be cleared, you may have to churn out extra penny to repair the credit.
Having a bad credit score brings your Loan eligibility down. You wouldn't be able to get the best credit card offers either. So it is always best to resort to getting a credit repair. A credit repair will cost you money and it will also take a few months for you to see the changes. The cost of repairing your credit score will depend upon the steps that are involved in the process. To know why your credit score is very low, you would need your credit report. Your credit report would contain information of whether there are errors that should be rectified. If you identify any errors you can get it changed with the credit bureau, so that
your credit score can get back on track.

With your credit report, you will be able to analyze and identify weaknesses in your credit profile and try to improve your credit score. Negative issues in your credit report are what pulls down your credit score. In order to resolve those issues, you would need to clean close your negative accounts. For example, if you had decided to Settle your negative accounts by getting a waiver from your lender, you should consider clean closing your account. Say you had owed the bank Rs. 2 lakhs and you Settled your account by paying Rs. 1.5 lakhs. This will still be seen as a negative account. By paying the remaining amount of Rs. 50,000 to your lender, you will have clean closed your account. After payment you’ll see your credit score increase eventually.

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