A loan against property is the best financial solution to plan your wedding and that too cost effectively.

A Loan against property has the following benefits

  • Lower interest rates
  • Minimal documentation
  • Instant disbursal
  • Longer tenures
  • Balance transfer facility
  • Loan to value ratio (LTV)


Benefits and Features of Loan Against Property

  • Lower interest rates: The rate of interest in a micro loan against property is always lower than a personal loan. So, it is ideal to go for a loan against property for marriage. 


  • Minimal Documentation: A loan against property requires minimal documentation, and the application process is also simple. 


  • LTV (Loan to Value Ratio): Loans against property for weddings typically come with an LTV of 60 to 70%. These are high value loans for weddings. 


  • Lengthier Tenures: A loan against property for marriage can be availed for long tenures. The duration can extend upto 20 years. This makes the EMI amount typically lower compared to other loans.    


  • Instant disbursal: Post approval, a loan against property for wedding can be disbursed instantly into your account.


  •  Balance Transfer Facility: Most of the lenders also provide balance transfer on loan against property (LAP) for marriage. If borrowers feel that the current rate of interest on a loan is higher than the market rates, then they can transfer the balance amount to another financial institute.