There are several ways to increase the Standard Chartered Bank credit card limit. You can walk into your bank's home branch to request the increase in credit card limit or you can complete the process instantly via the authorized website of the bank. Customers can also increase the credit card limit via online banking as mentioned below:

  • Login to the official website of Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking. 
  • Go to the “Help and Services” section.
  • Click on the “Card Management” tab and select “Credit Limit Increase”
  • Follow and complete the instructions on the screen and place the request for credit limit increase.

The credit card limit is decided for each and every customer of the bank differently depending on various factors such as credit score, expenditure, income, timely payment of bills, etc. Since these factors vary for every individual so will their credit limit vary. Note that your request for increase in credit card limit may or may not be approved depending on your financial standing.