Yes, it is definitely a good score!

Credit scores range between 300 – 900. A score above 750 is considered healthy and can land you good loans with attractive terms. Any score above 750 is very good and a score of 869 is considered excellent!

Such a high credit score allows you to shop for the best loans and credit cards in the market. You can negotiate with the lender for more benefits and value adds. 

How can I achieve an 869 credit score?

Here are some simple tips to achieve a high credit score: 

  • Pay all of your loans and credit cards on time.
  • Set up an auto-debit or standing order to ensure that you don't miss any payments.
  • Ensure that your credit or liability does not exceed 50% of your revenue.
  • Close any long-term loans or credit card balances that are affecting your credit score.

It usually takes a few years to achieve a high credit score. While working towards a high credit score, ensure to keep track of all your credit cards, loans and their repayments so that you can make timely payments and have a healthy revolving credit.