The primary advantage of Netbanking is the liberty of not having to visit the bank branch to carry out various transactions. Following are some of the common advantages of using internet banking. 

  1. Accessibility: Users can access Netbanking any time of the day from anywhere in the world. It allows them access to their account at all times. With various money transfer options like NEFT, RTGS & IMPS, they are able to carry out transactions with ease. They can also avoid going to the bank for various non-financial transactions like cheque book requests, FD/RD account opening, address/mobile number updation and so on. 

  2. Easy to use and navigate: Netbanking operations are very easy to understand and follow. They are interactive and self-instructional, enabling users to carry out transactions with ease. It also helps older people to perform these functions quite comfortably. 

  3. Account Activity Tracking: With Netbanking, customers can access all their account information in one place, allowing them to keep track of their money. Netbanking accounts include all your account types and the transactions you have carried out with complete details. Customers can see their cheque clearances, bill payments, ECS debits, Standing instructions, salary credits and all other transactions linked to their account. They can also link their loans, credit cards, FDs and RDs from the same bank under a single Netbanking login to have greater control on their account. 

  4. Time & Cost Efficient: Netbanking saves enormous time and energy for the customers. Firstly, they do not have to spend time and energy to visit the bank branch to carry out transactions. Secondly, online transactions through Netbanking take less time than the ones carried out at the bank. Fund transfers and bill payments are done immediately to save time for the customers. All these transactions can be carried out free of charge or for a very nominal fee that saves the users a considerable amount of money.