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A loan against property is the best financial solution to plan your wedding and that too cost effectively. A Loan against property has the following benefits

As per interest rates for 2021, Bank of Baroda offers the lowest interest rates on loan against property. The interest rate offered by the bank for this type of loan ranges between 8.20-13.85% for loan amounts ranging between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 10 crores. The maximum loan tenure offered by the bank is 15 years.

Yes, the Bank of India does offers loans against property. The current interest rate is at 8.85% to 10.35%. 

A loan against property is when one pledges his/her commercial or residential property as collateral for the loan amount. About 60% to 70% of the property’s value is given to the customer as the loan amount.

If you are trying to help your father buy a bike, you can apply for a two-wheeler loan. Buying a bike in one shot can be very expensive and can take a toll on your pocket. If you have other financial commitments for the month, then a two-wheeler loan would be advisable as you can repay the loan in monthly instalments and this goes easy on your pocket.

Yes, it is economical to take a loan against property. A loan against property is a secured loan and thus entails a lower interest rate than unsecured loans. This is very beneficial for a customer as a lot of money is saved on interest.

Yes, a loan against property is a good idea if you are in urgent need of money for a financial emergency. But, a loan against property comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In a loan against property, the minimum interest rate can begin at about 8.50% and will increase based on various factors such as value of the property, employment and assessment of your ability to repay the loan without defaulting on payments

Yes, a doctor or any person can avail a loan against property as long as they has property under their name that they can pledge as collateral for the loan amount and meet the eligibility criteria of the bank.

A loan against property is a secured loan that you can avail by offering your property as collateral. Banks give around 80% of the property value as a loan. Both, salaried and self-employed individuals are eligible for a loan against property.

Are you looking for a secured loan with a low-interest rate? Then, LAP would be the best choice for you. A loan against property is pledging your property in exchange for a loan.

Property loans and gold loans are both known as secured loans. This is because the customer provides collateral either in the form of property in the case of property loans or gold in the case of gold loans as security against the money received as a loan. If the customer fails to repay the loan, the lender has the rights to sell the collateral to settle the loan.

With a loan against property, you can easily raise funds by mortgaging the property you own to the bank. You can fill the HSBC Loan Callback Form online and have a customer service representative contact you with details of the loans and eligibility criteria. You can also go in person to your nearest branch and ask for details on the loan offer. There should be no legal or financial encumbrances on the property. 

A Loan Against Property is an all-purpose loan which can be used for any emergency or personal needs. You can visit your nearest SBI personal banking branch along with your documents, including property deeds and meet a representative to see if your property would be accepted for availing a loan against it. Keep in mind that in order to satisfy the eligibility criteria, you need to be salaried / self-employed / income tax asses

You can use your original LIC Policy, Loan application form, ID proof and copy of cancelled cheque for availing a loan against your LIC policy. You do not need much additional documentation. Having an LIC Policy makes taking loan against your policy relatively easy and hassle-free. This kind of loan is one of the best options for personal needs as they come at relatively lower interest rates.

A Loan Against Property is a popular type of loan as it is one of the cheaper loans available in the market. You can use the loan amount for any purpose – like debt consolidation, business expansion, education expenses, personal expense, family or medical emergency. It is similar to a personal loan in this sense. The property that you plan to mortgage should be free of any legal or financial encumbrances and you should ha

When you take loan or use credit cards, you sign a contract with the bank to repay it as per the terms and conditions agreed upon. If you fail to make payments, then the bank will start collections activity to try and recover their dues. If you continue to default, the bank can initiate legal action as well. Remember that a bounced cheque is a criminal offence. Legal proceedings can cause a lot of mental stress in addition to the financi

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