The credit score ranges between 300 to 900. Any credit score of 750 and above is considered a good credit score. However, you may check with the lender with whom you apply for a loan or credit card for the minimum required credit score. Some lenders do provide all credit products even if you have a credit score of 600 and above. However, a good credit score of 750 and above gives you the power of negotiation for interest rates. It could still be a mystery to you how to get a good credit score. Following are the ways following which you can get a good credit score.

Pay your EMIs and credit card bills on time: The first thing that lenders expect from their borrowers is regular repayment on the loans and credit card bills. A major weightage is given to this alone while calculating the credit score. Hence, it is important you have a 100% repayment track record to get a stellar credit score.

Low credit utilisation ratio: Although, it is sometimes impossible to restrict your urge to spend more using your credit card, maintaining a low credit utilisation is an important criterion to get a good credit score. Ensure that you have a credit utilisation of below 50%. This implies that you are responsible with credit, and your credit score is maintained.

Mixed credit: To get a magnificent credit score, it is important to have a mixture of all credits. The lenders assess your creditworthiness based on your experience of handling multiple credits. Hence, make sure you have availed both secured and unsecured form of credit.

Credit history: A long credit history is a good factor that can boost your credit score. It helps the lenders to see the track record of your credit activities. Longer your credit history, greater is your credit score.

Apart from the above factors, it is important you do not apply for multiple credits in a short period of time. Multiple applications can hurt your credit score.

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