IndusInd Bank credit card cash advance charges are 2.5% of the advance amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 300. This amount is waived off for PIONEER Heritage, PIONEER Legacy and Legend Credit Card variants. 

What is the cash limit on my IndusInd Bank credit card?

This is the overall cash advance limit that the Cardholder has been assigned. This amount is a subset of the total credit limit and is lower than the credit limit. The difference between the allocated cash limit and the outstanding cash balance on the card at any given time is the available cash limit. The credit and cash limits will differ for each cardholder and will be disclosed in the cardholder's monthly statement.

Points to remember: 

Cash withdrawals can be done at an ATM. This helps you to get some liquid cash in times of emergencies. However, the charges associated with a cash withdrawal from the credit card is quite high so you should use it sparingly. 


PIONEER Heritage, PIONEER Legacy and Legend Credit Card variants don’t have any cash withdrawal charges. If you have any other variant of IndusInd Bank credit cards, you can contact the bank and ask for an upgrade to one of the above cards so that you can get a reprieve from these cash withdrawal charges.