You can withdraw cash at an ATM using your IDFC Bank Credit Card. The transaction charges will be Rs. 250 per withdrawal. 

In an emergency, the cardmember may withdraw cash from ATMs in India or abroad using IDFC Bank credit cards. A transaction fee of Rs. 250 will be charged and billed to the cardmember on the next statement, as specified in the Schedule of Charges. The service charge is subject to change at IDFC FIRST Bank's sole discretion from time to time with advance notice to the cardmember and disclosure via the Bank's website's Schedule of Charges.

There are a few different credit card variants from IDFC Bank and here are the corresponding charges: 



Interest Rate on

Purchases due

(will be charged if payment

made is between

Minimum Amount Due and

Total Amount Due values)

Interest Rate

on Cash


(will be charged if

Total Amount Due

is not paid by the

Payment Due Date)

Overdue Interest

(will be charged on non-payment

of Minimum Amount Due (MAD)

by the Payment Due Date)

FIRST Milllennia Credit Card

FIRST Classic Credit Card

FIRST Select Credit Card

FIRST Wealth Credit Card

Employee Credit Card

Monthly Rate - 0.75% - 2.99%

Annual Rate - 9% - 35.88%

Monthly Rate


Annual Rate

9% - 35.88%

Monthly Rate -


Annual Rate -



 The interest rates that apply to a cardholder are determined by the Bank's internal policy guidelines. These are definitive and obligatory, and they can be changed at any time at the Bank's discretion. Any fees/charges imposed by the acquiring bank or service provider may be included in the international amount billed after conversion to INR through DCC viz dynamic currency conversion (i.e. a service provided at some international merchant outlets/ATMs that allows a cardmember to convert a transaction denominated in a foreign currency to local currency i.e. Indian Rupees at the point of withdrawal/sale).