Getting a loan or credit card with bad credit could be quite a challenging task as the lender would expect a decent repayment ability from the borrower. However, the options are not completely ruled out.

Following are the ways using which you can secure credit with a bad credit score.

•    Gold Loan: As the gold loan is a secured loan, the lender has the advantage of your collateral. Hence, it would be easier to get a quick approval on gold loans even with a bad credit. However, you must remember that you put your valuable at risk and any default can affect the chances of retrieving it.
•    Loan Against Property: This is also a secured loan wherein the lender has the advantage of the property in case you happen to default on the repayment. With a bad credit, you may become eligible for a loan against property. However, the interest rates may be higher as you are considered a risky borrower.
•    Debt Consolidation Loans: There are special loans known
debt consolidation loans which is provided to individuals who have multiple loans and unify all of them under one loan. This can help the borrower to close multiple loans even if there are defaults and repay to a single lender with ease. However, you must remember that only up to a certain percentage of the total amount is given as debt consolidation loan, and the rest needs to be managed by the borrower.
•    Unsecured loans: Getting unsecured loans with a bad credit is not so easy as the risks are higher for the lender to lend to you. However, there are chances of getting an unsecured loan if you have a good income and work for a reputed employer. The interest rates may be higher on such cases. You can also explore online lending platforms where the chances of approval are higher.

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