IndusInd Bank Credit Cards has fuel surcharge waiver offer on their Duo Cards product; Duo Debit Cards do not have a fuel surcharge fee. Duo Credit Cards offer 1% fuel surcharge waiver, subject to a maximum amount cap as informed by IndusInd Bank at regular intervals. 

What Is A Fuel Surcharge Waiver?

A fuel surcharge is a fee added to the total amount of your credit card transaction for fuel purchases. As an added benefit to credit card users, credit card issuers typically waive a portion of this fee.

IndusInd Fuel Surcharge Waiver On Credit Cards

IndusInd Bank has more than 25 different credit card products to suit various lifestyles and spending habits. Most of these credit cards come with a fuel surcharge waiver option. 

  • Credit card holders get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver in a billing cycle
  • The waiver is applicable on purchases between Rs.400 and Rs.4000
  • Transactions across all fuel pumps in India are eligible for the fuel surcharge waiver
  • The maximum eligible fuel surcharge waiver amount is determined by the bank and informed to you. It is subject to change as per the policies of the bank. 

Some popular IndusInd Bank Credit Cards are – 

  • IndusInd Bank Duo Credit Card
  • Indulge Credit Card
  • Crest Credit Card
  • Celesta Credit Card
  • Pioneer Heritage Credit Card
  • Nexxt Credit Card
  • Pinnacle Credit Card
  • Platinum Visa/Master Credit Card
  • Platinum Aura Edge Visa & Mastercard Credit Card
  • Platinum Aura Edge Visa & Mastercard Credit Card
  • Platinum Aura Edge Visa Credit Card

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