Yes, SBI Credit Card users can use their credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM during emergencies. It is instant cash and can be used for any personal needs. This prevents the waiting time on personal loans or other kinds of loans. You can walk into any SBI ATM, insert your credit card and withdraw cash. 

Points to remember when you withdraw cash using your SBI credit card:

  • The cash limit on your SBI credit card is different from your credit limit. It is usually lower than your credit limit so check your card details once before you plan to withdraw money. 
  • The charges for a cash withdrawal are typically higher than your credit limit. 
  • Also, you will be charged on a daily basis for your cash withdrawals, until you repay the money. This could result in a very high interest accumulation on cash withdrawals. 

A personal loan is a smart alternative to SBI credit card cash withdrawal. But if you are in a hurry and need cash immediately, check out SBI Gold Loans