While most SBI credit cards don't carry a joining fee or annual fee, many of the premium cards come with a nominal fee. 

SBI Elite and Infinia are some of the top-rated credit cards in India that come with a joining fee and annual fee respectively. Both these cards offer superior benefits to the user and the annual fee may be well worth it. However, if you have never held an SBI credit card before, you might be wondering whether the annual fee is worth paying. 

SBI is one of the top lenders in the country, offering more than 36 variants of credit cards to every customer segment. The cards carry low interest rates and come with a host of benefits. They are accepted at millions of merchant outlets across the country. They can be used both online and offline to enjoy some of the best deals in the country. 

Is there any way to get the annual fee waived? 

Yes, SBI offers that option too. On most SBI Credit Cards, the annual fee is waived off when you spend a certain amount of money in the first few months, or within the first year of card membership. For instance, on a card such as SBI Pulse card, the annual fee is Rs.1499+GST. This amount is waived off when you spend Rs.2 lakhs or more in the first year. The same applies to many other variants of SBI Credit Card. The transaction amount may vary from one card to another.