Due to the coronavirus pandemic, RBI has allowed banks to push the billed credit card dues between 1 March,2020 and 31 May,2020. This is not a waiver that is provided on the repayment amount. If you plan to opt for the EMI holiday(moratorium), your credit scores will not be affected during the 3 month period. However, the interest rates will continue to be charged at current rates or as specified by your credit card issuer. For credit card dues, billings will be restored on 31st May, 2020.

If you are opting for the EMI holiday, it's better to pay your total due amounts right after the moratorium period gets over. Not paying your dues on time will incur a late fee charge on your credit card bill. If you pay your minimum due amount, you will avoid late charge fees but you will be levied interest charges on the outstanding amounts. The EMI holiday has been introduced for people who might not be financially stable during this difficult time. So for individuals who can make the payments should continue paying their total due amounts within the due date, to avoid interest charges.