The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) had announced that the moratorium would extend till August 31, 2020. The total moratorium period in all eligible term loan accounts will be extended and SBI is also reaching out to its eligible loan customers to obtain their consent to stop their Standing Instructions(SI) to debit loan EMIs every month. The bank has made it easy for customers to stop their EMIs by initiating SMS communication to all eligible customers.

Once customers get an SMS message, they would have to reply to the messages if they want to avail the moratorium. To give standing instructions to stop the EMI, customers would have to send an SMS Reply <YES> to VMN within 5 days from when the bank sent the communication. Where collection of such EMIs is affected through NACH(National Automated Clearing House), customers can send an SMS Reply <STOP 1234>(where 1234 is the last 4 digits of their loan account number) to VMN within 5 days from the receipt of SMS. If your mobile number is different from the number registered to the bank then you may not receive an SMS.