Which Bank Is The Best For Personal Loans?

PNB & SBI offer the lowest interest rate in the market for personal loans –
PNB - 8.45% - 14.50% p.a.
SBI - 9.60% - 15.65% p.a

What To Look For In Personal Loans? 

How does one choose the best personal loan? What are the factors to look for while shopping for a personal loan? 

A Personal Loan is a credit facility available through various banks and NBFCs, and can be utilized for any personal needs; there is no restriction on how you utilize the personal loan amount. This makes it one of the most sought after loan products for needs like marriage, vacation, home renovation, home furnishing, emergency medical needs, and more. 

Personal loan is an unsecured loan and hence the interest rate is on the higher side. If you fail to make repayments, your interest shall be compounded, resulting in a debt trap. So be careful

while choosing a personal loan product – 

  • Borrow only from reputed banks and NBFCs
  • Compare personal loan interest rates before applying
  • Check the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements
  • Find the repayment options available to repay the loan
  • Learn about the pre-closure options and relevant charges

Keeping these points in mind while shopping for a personal loan will help you find out the best personal loan for your needs.