What is the importance of a CIBIL report?

How do I rectify errors in my CIBIL report?

You can directly file a CIBIL dispute online on the CIBIL website if you notice any errors in your report. Click on the tab “Dispute Resolution” in the Consumer Bureau section.

Can CIBIL correct errors in my report?

Yes, but only after the change is approved by the concerned bank or financial institution.

Can employers check my CIBIL credit score?

Yes, employers can check your credit score to evaluate your financial maturity and stability. In the more developed credit economies in the West, potential landlords, electricity companies or mobile phone providers can access your credit score to judge your payment reliability.

Can my employer’s credit profile affect my chances of getting a loan?

Yes, though it may seem unfair, if the company you work for has defaulted on loans and has been blacklisted by lenders, your chances of obtaining a loan may be affected. This is because the company’s loan defaults indicate that it is not financially sound and that you may not have a steady and reliable source of income to make your loan repayments.