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What is a CIBIL credit report?

What is a CIBIL credit report?

A credit report is a comprehensive document that details an individual’s or corporate’s borrowing history and repayment record. It provides potential lenders with a detailed picture of an individual (or company’s) credit-worthiness based on past and current credit behavior. It allows lenders to have quick access to accurate information when they receive new applications for credit, and allows them to make a faster and transparent lending decision.

CIBIL collects and maintains records of the credit-related transactions of individuals as reported by their lenders (whether banks, NBFCs or credit card companies). This information could include details of all loan and credit card repayments including any late or missed payments; details of enquires made by lenders on loan or credit card applications made in the past; all current loans and credit cards; total credit limit; and other such credit-related information.

A credit report is a single unified document that covers your credit history across different lenders over a significant period of time. Your credit report would include the following details:

  • Personal information like name, age, gender and address
  • Employment details and income
  • Number of hard enquiries made by potential lenders on receipt of your loan/credit card application
  • Information on past and current loans along with your payment record
  • Any defaults on loan
  • Any ‘Settled’ loans
  • Total credit limit and the amount spent monthly (Credit Utilisation Ratio)
  • Any credit card payment defaults
  • Credit score – an important component of your credit profile that gives potential lenders a quick idea of your credit worthiness.
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