1. Follow your passions

Your 20’s are the best time to experiment and discover yourself. This is the age when you should be doing what you are really passionate about. Do not get stuck in a job that does not make you happy. A few years down the line you will reflect back on this time and think to yourself, ‘’Why didn’t I follow my heart?’’. If painting is your passion, join an art school or become an apprentice for an artist. If writing is your passion, devote yourself fully to it and take creative writing workshops to get better at your craft. Instead of falling prey to the rat race, take a leap of faith and change the course of your life. You’ll never get your youth, freedom and singledom back.

2. Get married only if you are very, very, very sure!

Your 20’s are a crazy time. They are fun, adventurous, life-altering and sometimes a bit daunting too. You’re at the prime of your life. Most importantly, this is the time when you truly discover yourself and form your individuality. While it’s always wonderful if you can find a life partner, this shouldn’t be your sole focus. Moreover, having a family of your own is a huge commitment (lifelong in most cases), one that requires careful consideration. So it’s wise to take your time and not feel pressured or coerced into getting married unless you are absolutely sure about it. Yet, it’s also good to think about the qualities you’d like in your life partner. But generally, just relax. Enjoy. And let things happen in their due time.

3. Ensure that your loved ones, most importantly your family is safe and protected!

Death is one of the most overlooked facts of life, yet it stands to be the most certain. We focus so much on living (which is a good thing) that we forget that death could stealthily creep up on us anytime. Have you ever taken a moment to think that what would happen to your loved ones (your family-parents, sister/brother) should you die suddenly? Probably not.

The thought is grim but also a possible one. The wisest thing for you to do would be to take immediate action in the present. Secure the future of your folks by showing a bit of practicality. And how would you do that? You can show that you care by buying a life insurance plan. How do you begin? First turn on your device and do thorough research of the different kinds of life insurance plans that are being offered by different companies. Pick a plan that best suits your needs and your financial situation. Talk to your financial adviser and set things in motion before it is too late.

4. Indulge in the Finer Things, but wisely!

Your 20s are the time to dance the tango- in your favourite branded heels while carrying your favourite bag, no less! It’s also the time to go on vacations and getaways! Just one IMPORTANT disclaimer: PLAN these expenses WISELY! All it takes is a bit of calculation,

strategy and some amount of self-control. There are several apps that can help you budget and plan your expenses. If you have self-control issues, you could always ask a family member a friend or even the bank (Get a fixed deposit for a lock-in perios!) to keep you disciplined and stay on track. Also, talk to financially savvy people so as to learn more about how you could invest your money and make it work even harder than you do! (Hola, Spanish Dream Vacay!) Make smart investments like having an insurance plan, exploring options like mutual funds, Fixed deposit schemes, and open a savings account. Make smart choices now for a better tomorrow.

You live only once! Make the most of it! Carpe Diem. Go sieze the day!