RBL Credit Cards are a huge hit with users who love to shop, travel, and simply, spend a lot! Users are rewarded with various discounts and cashback offers every time they use their RBL credit cards.

Some of the popular RBL Credit Cards in the market are:

  • Shoprite Credit Card
  • Platinum Maxima Plus Card
  • RBL Bank Cookies Credit Card
  • RBL Bank Popcorn Credit Card
  • Edition Black Credit Card
  • Movies And More Card
  • Titanium Delight Card
  • Insignia Preferred Banking Card

Are you interested in getting one of these premium credit cards from RBL? Then you can easily apply on their website. But how to make sure your application is not rejected? Creditmantri brings you these simple tips to get your RBL credit card application approved without any hassle. Keep reading!

1. Read The Eligibility Criteria Thoroughly

Before applying for an RBL Credit Card, ensure that you have met all the eligibility criteria such as minimum income, age limit, residence, and nationality. The criteria can even slightly vary from one card to another. So based on the card you want to apply for, you need to meet those specific eligibility criteria. 

The RBL credit card eligibility criteria are designed to help prevent credit card fraud. You can read more about RBL credit cards and the application process here. Make sure to follow all directions carefully.

2. Ensure That Your Credit Report Is Clean And Up To Date

You need to have a credit score of at least 700 to apply for an RBL credit card. The higher your credit score, the easier it is for you to get approved for one.

Credit score has many factors but it is important to make sure your credit score is up-to-date and accurate. A good credit score will show that you have a history of paying your bills on time

It makes a difference in the rates you are charged and the credit limit that is offered to you. 

If you are suffering from a low credit score, here are some tips to improve your credit score quickly. 

3. Get All The Supporting Documents In Order

Whatever you have entered in the RBL Credit Card application form has to be supported by documents. It is advised that you get all the documents you need to support your application within the time limit. A bank is most likely going to require all the documents to support your application within the time limit.

Keep a copy of your application with you so that you can refer to it in case any queries come up while the application is being processed, 

4. Reduce Your Outstanding Debts

If you have any large debts that have been outstanding for a long time, try and pay them off. This will help improve your credit score and make it more likely that you will be able to get approved for an RBL credit card. It will also help improve your credit score so that you are more likely to get other loans and credits.  

5. Choose To Apply For Credit Cards That Suit Your Credit Profile

Though RBL offers a host of credit cards, find the credit card that you are more likely to get approved for instantly. The best way to do this is to choose the credit card that suits your credit profile best. This will help you get approved for a credit card much quicker than if you had chosen a card that was out of your league. For example, if you have a low credit score, you should choose a card that offers a lower credit limit. 

Consider things like your credit score, current debt, and future debt. The type of card that you choose will also help determine whether you are more likely to get approved for a credit card with a higher or lower credit limit. You can also choose between a plastic or a virtual card, which has no impact on your application process. This will help build up your credit score over time and make it much easier for you to get other loans and credits. 

Credit cards are a necessity in this modern world where people are always on the go. RBL Credit Cards help the current generation to carry out day to day activities with ease - paying utility bills, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, insurance premiums, shopping, and more. RBL Credit Cards are also a great way to build your credit score. But one has to use credit cards wisely to get approved for further loans and credits easily. So follow the above tips diligently and get approved for an RBL credit card that suits your financial needs. 

FAQs of How to Get Your RBL Credit Card Approved Without Any Hassle?

1:What is the ideal credit score to get approved for an RBL Credit Card? 

700 and above is considered a good score to get approved for an RBL Credit Card. 

2:Can I not get an RBL credit card if my credit score is below 700?

You could get approved with a lower credit score but the interest rates, credit limit, and other terms wouldn’t be very favorable. 

3:How long does it take to apply for and get approved for an RBL Credit Card?

Upon successful submission of all required documents, your RBL credit card could be processed and approved within 7 business days. 

4:What are the criteria for obtaining an RBL Credit Card?

You must be between the ages of 21 and 65, and have a yearly income of at least Rs.3,00,000 as a self-employed person or employee in a reputable company.

5:Why was my application for an RBL credit card rejected?

It could be for a variety of reasons, including a low credit score, eligibility requirements, and so on. You should wait for the rejection letter, which will include all pertinent information as well as the reason for the rejection. If you have any further questions, you can contact RBL credit card customer service.