A long journey begins with a small step…

We have taken the small step! We have embarked on a long journey. We know where the destination is. We can see it in the horizon. But the path that leads to it is myriad.

The first month was exciting. It literally whizzed past! You don’t have much time to enjoy the feeling of fund raise. Pretty soon what hits you suddenly is the enormity of the task. Quite overwhelming and humbling. Money comes with responsibility. In this case we now had the power to do things we wanted to do. Change things we wanted to change. Try things we wanted to try. But spend where we should wisely.

Once the funds came in, the post-closing formalities kicked in. Within a week 10 days we had to get the ball rolling on all fronts. There was the new Board to be in place, regulatory filing to be done and a host of other formalities to be completed. Phew! Quite a lot for a small company.

We had our new product launch. CMOL! CreditMantri Online. CMOL is soon to be on everyone’s lips. It started as a “lite” initiative, when we first had it in the drawing board. It is now fairly comprehensive and rich in functionality. First of its kind in India and what a proud moment it was.

The launch itself was like child birth. We had almost everyone in rolling up sleeves and checking, testing signing off all modules before we go live. And it did! With engines revving up, CMOL is now a beauty. Feed- back has been good and as an entrepreneur you feel the parental pride of your ward doing well.

Well, what else? We are hiring. Some great folks have joined us. Its really fantastic to work with a bunch of highly motivated and passionate set of folks. Some mavericks, some level headed, combination is good and discussions can get very exciting.

It’s now back to business and serious one at that. Taking some time off to write this missive. See you soon