Hi, I am Dinesh Kumar AP, and I have been working with CreditMantri for the past five years. Being a starry-eyed person, I always wanted to join a startup since I believed it would give me space for growth and allow me the freedom to explore new areas – which might not be possible in a large established company. I joined CreditMantri in its initial stages as an SEO expert and I look back now and feel overwhelmed to see what tremendous growth CreditMantri has seen in the past year.

My interview round with Gowri, one of the Co-Founders, was pretty interesting. We had discussed the regular questions regarding marketing SEO, SEM tools, Google SEO strategies, Social media, etc. When asked about my hobbies, I just told her: “Words always fascinate me. They heal me when I am hurt, they motivate me when I am down and reward me when I succeed. My creative eye finds the best in every possible thing and when my words tell them, it takes the form of a Tamil poem; when my lens captures them it emerges as a portrait. I would be the right person for you, as I work more on creativity than on logic, unlike others.” Maybe it was my passion or maybe sheer luck, because the very next day, I got my offer letter. Target accomplished! I was now an SEO expert and Digital Marketing Specialist for a young startup company!

After the initial induction period, I started challenging myself to see how far I could reach. Within a year, I oversaw a five-fold increase in monthly visitors. I now have an ambitious target for the number of internal links on our website and I can see my dream slowly turning into reality. Nothing is as exciting as seeing your work bearing results in such tangible ways, and on such a scale – which is perhaps possible only in a startup.

To be part of a growing company is fun and inspiring and to have actually contributed to my company’s growth, however small the contribution, is even more motivating. I enjoy going to work at a place with transparent management, awesome work culture, and great people. I’m sure we will grow even more in the days to come – all the best!