I work at CreditMantri and I joined around eight months back.

A fresher I was!!  Yeah! What else you could expect?  Well, a hell a lot of energy and determination!

It was a startup and initially it was a really small company with only 15 employees. Joining a startup was really challenging but all I wanted to do was “LEARN”. There may be few cons in joining a startup but the most promising part is “you can always learn a lot of new things in a startup”.

It helps you mould yourself in the process of working. You get yourself to grow with the company. We had a product called CMOL which was getting to be launched, which was really challenging.

Initially all the processes were manual and as a startup we had not much of man power at that time. Our promise to customers was that we would give the credit score within 2 working days. There were many gaps at first. We worked really hard to identify the gaps and then we solved it. Now we are issuing the credit score in under 3 hours!

There were many back end process where if one batch was missed, it impacted the rest of the downstream processes.  This was when I realized how difficult a product launch would be and how much of hard planning we should put in our heads to make it a grand success.

There were many operational hiccups at first but I realised how the technical expertise can help overcome some of the toughest issues.

A big learning was “where there is proper planning, there will be a lesser struggle during implementation”

This was also a period when we generated a number of ideas, tested and junked some and implemented many. After all, employees are the eyes of an organization, aren’t they?

I also learnt how we can outsource some of the process that we thought were repetitive and we automated most of the processes which was done manually.

I saw the company grow day by day. The number of customers grew up from 17,000 to 200000 and more. We started hiring more people. I saw 15 turning 80. YES !! We are 80 now.

CreditMantri is now a big organization.

Hoping to see many more successful changes hereon. Ciya soon!