Yes, you can get a credit card with no income. Many credit card issuers offer various means to apply for a credit card without an income. Here is how:

  1. Secured credit card – A secured credit card can be obtained even if you have no income. You can pledge a fixed deposit or a bank account as collateral against the credit card. Once security is provided, many card issuers may be willing to provide a credit card without income.
  2. Add-on card – Many credit card issuers permit an add-on card with a primary card and this can be availed without any income. However, add-on cards are mostly provided to family members so you must have at least one family member who has a primary credit card.
  3. Bank account with sufficient balance – If you do not have any income at present but have a sufficient bank balance, credit card issuers may be willing to offer you a credit card.
  4. Joint credit card – If you get a credit-worthy co-signer or joint applicant for your credit card, you can avail of it without having any income. This is, provided the joint applicant has income or has sufficient funds to show to the issuer.

Having a credit card is important to ensure that you have a credit history. Credit history will help in fetching credit or loans easily when needed. You can apply for a credit card without any income by using any of the above-mentioned techniques. However, always ensure to make credit card bill payments on time.