Lenders would want an assurance that you would be able to repay your loans. So they will check your monthly income, to determine whether you’ll be able to pay back your loan in instalments on time. Since unemployed people wouldn’t have an income at the moment, it would be hard for lenders to judge their creditworthiness. And thus getting loan approval without having a job becomes nearly impossible. But payday loans are loans that are not provided by conventional lenders and these lenders grant you loans without credit assessment.

You can check for lenders who provide payday loans and apply for one. Interest rates for payday loans are usually higher than normal personal loan interest rates that you avail from the bank. But you would get the cash very quickly. While taking a payday loan, the interest you pay might become too much to pay back. There are other ways through which unemployed people can get easy loans. You could always take a secured loan, where you pledge collateral to get the loan. Gold loans are secured loans, that are provided at lower interest rates.