Yes, Tata Capital offers Top-Up Home Loan on your existing home loan. You can take the top-up home loan on your existing Tata Capital Home Loan or on a balance transfer home loan from a different lender.

What is a Home Loan Top-Up?

A home loan top-up is a loan product offered by Tata Capital and many other lenders that allows a borrower to take out a new loan in addition to his existing house loan. This loan comes with pretty much the same terms and conditions as the original loan so you get to benefit a lot. 

Since this is based on your original home loan, top-up home loans do not require any additional collateral. 

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What Is The Benefit Of Getting A Top-Up Home Loan?

  • Low interest rates
  • Longer repayment tenure
  • You can get tax benefits
  • Helps with debt consolidation
  • Quicker loan processing


A top-up home loan can also be used for any repairs or renovations you may need to undertake. Top-up home loans can be used for a number of needs and are better than personal loans due to the lower interest rates.