The Muthoot Finance company assures its customers of utmost security and constant monitoring of all their facilities. Hence, customers can be reassured that their gold is in safe custody. 

Muthoot Finance gives gold loans starting from Rs.1500 with no upper limit. You can pledge any quantity of gold to get a loan from the company. 

When you pledge a high quantity of your gold ornaments, you are naturally worried about the safety of your pledged gold. A few recent events in another gold loan company where thieves entered the facility and looted a large quantity of gold is a cause of concern. So customers are worried about their gold ornaments. 

  • To allay these fears, Muthoot Finance has installed CCTV Cameras for round the clock monitoring of all their branches.
  • The gold is stored in specialized safe rooms for additional security
  • All the ornaments pledged with the company are sealed away in tamper-proof packing to assure you of the best security


You can pledge any quantity of gold ornaments to get a gold loan from Muthoot Finance Company. The loan amount is based on the purity of the gold and its weight. Gold loans can provide you with faster liquidity in times of emergencies. The interest rate on the gold loan is also pretty competitive compared to personal loans and other kinds of secured loans.