ICICI Visa Platinum Debit Card comes with a higher withdrawal limit and daily transaction limit. This is one of the best features of this card. 

Debit cards and credit cards are essentials these days. With digital transactions ruling the financial world, everybody is bound to own one of each. When it is given that you have to have a debit card, you can make a smart choice and go for ICICI Visa Platinum Debit Card. 


Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit at ATMs

Daily purchase limit on retail transactions

Domestic Usage

Rs. 1 lakh

Rs. 2 lakhs

International Usage

Rs. 1 lakh

Rs. 1.5 lakhs

Online Transaction Limit

This card comes with an online transaction limit of Rs. 2 lakhs per day. You can use this card to buy travel tickets, movie tickets, paying your mobile bills and utility bills and many more. 


ICICI Visa Platinum Debit Card is very beneficial for users who use their debit card for most of their transactions. 

It also gives enhanced Payback points and fuel surcharge benefits to its users. It would be the best choice if you are choosing amongst ICICI Bank debit cards.