CIBIL™ is one of the credit bureaus that gives credit score to their customers. The credit score given by them is known as CIBIL™ score.

Any credit score above 750 is considered as good score by the lenders. If you have recently taken a credit from a bank or NBFC, you may have less than 750. A credit score is calculated based on various components like credit history, credit mix and credit utilisation ratio. To get a credit score, you may have to keep in mind the pointers given below

Make your payments on time: After you have taken a loan or credit card, it is important that you make the payment on-time. Delinquencies will hurt your credit score very badly.

Low Credit Utilisation Ratio: Going on a spending-spree with your credit card would become critical to your credit score as credit utilisation ratio has a considerable weightage on your score. Hence use your credit card only when necessary.

Mixture of Credit: Having mixture secured and unsecured loans and credit cards would boost your credit score.

With the right credit discipline, you can definitely get a good credit score.