There are four credit bureaus in India who generate your credit score and credit report. CIBIL™ is one of them and the credit score provided by them is known as CIBIL™ score. To improve your credit score, you may have to cultivate some of the important financial habits. They are

Make your payments on time: After you have taken a loan or credit card, it is important that you make the payment on-time. Delinquencies will hurt your credit score very badly.

Low Credit Utilisation Ratio: Going on a spending-spree with your credit card would become critical to your credit score as credit utilisation ratio has a considerable weightage on your score. Hence use your credit card only when necessary.

Mixture of Credit: Having mixture secured and unsecured loans and credit cards would boost your credit score.

Clear past dues: if you had failed to repay your loan in the past, it may reflect as negative account in your credit report. By clearing the past dues, it would pave way for improving your poor credit score.

Check your credit report: It is vital to check your credit score periodically to get to know about the errors on it and rectify them at the earliest.

By following the pointers given above, you can definitely improve your credit score significantly.