You can check your credit report for free on the official CIBIL™ website or any other credit bureaus. These credit agencies offer free reports that can be viewed in detail once per year. For additional access, you may need to pay some fees to the credit agency. 

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Alternatively, you can avail free credit report summary through and maintain a good credit record to avail reasonable credit terms at all times. The basic report is free and you can access it any number of times. For a more detailed report, you can sign up for our CHR (Credit Health Report) which gives you all the detailed information you need, right at your fingertips. 

Here is why it is important to access credit report periodically:

  1. Impact of Your Actions on Credit Score: Regular checks on the credit report can help you to monitor your credit score and the impact of your financial actions on the same. If you know what brings down the credit score, you can avoid those actions and ensure easy access to personal loans, home loans, etc.
  2. Information Accuracy:  Sometimes there could be an inaccuracy of information on your credit report. In such cases, you should report it immediately and request for correction to the credit agency and your bank.
  3. Avail Credit Card or Loan Offers: A good credit score means access to better credit card and loan offers. By regularly checking your credit report and maintain a good credit score, you can negotiate better terms of credit with lenders.
  4. Ensuring Healthy Credit Profile:  Checking your credit score regularly can help in maintaining a healthy credit profile. A good credit score can validate your credit behaviour and a low credit score indicates that there is rectification required on your credit behaviour.