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Today Silver Rates In Gujarat

30 May 2024

silver rate today india


( Per Gram )

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1 Kg

Silver Price TodaySilver Rate YesterdayChange(%)
1 gram73.6773.81-0.19%
10 gram7367373806-0.18%

Silver Rates In Gujarat for Last 90 Days

30 May 2024

Date1 gramBar Silver 1KG
2023-11-27₹ 74.67₹ 73,673
2023-11-26₹ 74.81₹ 73,806
2023-11-25₹ 74.81₹ 73,806
2023-11-24₹ 72.88₹ 71,882
2023-11-23₹ 72.84₹ 71,841
2023-11-22₹ 72.15₹ 72,151
2023-11-21₹ 72.09₹ 72,095
2023-11-20₹ 72.78₹ 71,780
2023-11-19₹ 72.96₹ 71,961
2023-11-18₹ 72.96₹ 71,961
2023-11-17₹ 72.19₹ 72,193
2023-11-16₹ 71.66₹ 70,665
2023-11-15₹ 70.75₹ 69,746
2023-11-14₹ 68.76₹ 67,763
2023-11-13₹ 67.22₹ 67,217
2023-11-12₹ 68.53₹ 67,533
2023-11-11₹ 68.53₹ 67,533
2023-11-10₹ 69.80₹ 68,803
2023-11-09₹ 69.58₹ 68,584
2023-11-08₹ 68.43₹ 68,430
2023-11-07₹ 70.50₹ 69,501
2023-11-06₹ 70.17₹ 70,174
2023-11-05₹ 70.29₹ 70,292
2023-11-04₹ 70.29₹ 70,292
2023-11-03₹ 69.66₹ 68,660
2023-11-02₹ 70.63₹ 69,631
2023-11-01₹ 69.87₹ 68,874
2023-10-31₹ 70.49₹ 70,493
2023-10-30₹ 70.06₹ 70,058
2023-10-29₹ 70.21₹ 70,211
2023-10-28₹ 70.21₹ 70,211
2023-10-27₹ 69.17₹ 69,166
2023-10-26₹ 69.45₹ 69,449
2023-10-25₹ 69.45₹ 69,454
2023-10-24₹ 70.81₹ 69,807
2023-10-23₹ 70.09₹ 70,087
2023-10-22₹ 71.83₹ 70,831
2023-10-21₹ 71.83₹ 70,831
2023-10-20₹ 70.91₹ 69,906
2023-10-19₹ 69.23₹ 69,225
2023-10-18₹ 70.62₹ 69,618
2023-10-17₹ 68.06₹ 68,062
2023-10-16₹ 69.56₹ 68,557
2023-10-15₹ 69.88₹ 68,875
2023-10-14₹ 69.88₹ 68,875
2023-10-13₹ 66.35₹ 66,346
2023-10-12₹ 67.01₹ 67,006
2023-10-11₹ 66.24₹ 66,239
2023-10-10₹ 66.25₹ 66,254
2023-10-08₹ 66.50₹ 65,500
2023-10-07₹ 66.50₹ 65,500
2023-10-06₹ 64.69₹ 63,694
2023-10-05₹ 64.21₹ 64,213
2023-10-04₹ 64.71₹ 63,715
2023-10-03₹ 63.18₹ 63,179
2023-10-02₹ 66.48₹ 66,483
2023-10-01₹ 67.12₹ 67,121
2023-09-30₹ 67.24₹ 67,237
2023-09-29₹ 69.68₹ 68,680
2023-09-28₹ 68.25₹ 68,249
2023-09-27₹ 69.27₹ 69,266
2023-09-26₹ 70.87₹ 69,874
2023-09-25₹ 71.19₹ 71,191
2023-09-24₹ 71.26₹ 71,259
2023-09-23₹ 71.26₹ 71,259
2023-09-22₹ 71.81₹ 70,807
2023-09-21₹ 70.00₹ 69,998
2023-09-20₹ 70.12₹ 70,115
2023-09-19₹ 70.43₹ 70,434
2023-09-18₹ 70.99₹ 69,988
2023-09-17₹ 70.65₹ 69,647
2023-09-16₹ 70.65₹ 69,647
2023-09-15₹ 69.25₹ 69,248
2023-09-14₹ 69.23₹ 69,235
2023-09-13₹ 69.36₹ 69,360
2023-09-12₹ 70.70₹ 69,704
2023-09-11₹ 70.55₹ 69,551
2023-09-10₹ 69.41₹ 69,408
2023-09-09₹ 69.41₹ 69,408
2023-09-08₹ 70.93₹ 69,931
2023-09-07₹ 70.13₹ 70,128
2023-09-06₹ 71.07₹ 71,074
2023-09-05₹ 72.93₹ 71,933
2023-09-04₹ 73.81₹ 72,814
2023-09-03₹ 73.83₹ 72,826
2023-09-02₹ 73.83₹ 72,826
2023-09-01₹ 74.80₹ 73,804
2023-08-31₹ 74.15₹ 74,147
2023-08-30₹ 74.20₹ 74,195
2023-08-29₹ 73.86₹ 72,862

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Gujarat


Silver has been important in the cultural history of India for centuries. Silver and gold have been traditionally considered as precious metals in our culture and have been also used in traditional ceremonies as well. Silver has also been considered auspicious as a form of gifts and luxury item to be cherished by royalty as well as the common public at large.

Silver is also considered as a lucrative and feasible option for investment or planning for long term expenses. There are many ways to invest in silver. Investment in silver can be in the form of jewellery, household items, coins, bullion bars or silver bars.

Customers can invest in silver by purchasing it at the current rates or prevailing rates. Silver rates change on a day to day basis based on the global rates along with other domestic and local factors.

Smart Ways to Invest in Silver in Gujarat

Investment in silver can be in many forms. The affordability of silver as compared to gold is one of the most attractive reasons for investment in silver. Customers can get silver in bulk quantities as well as in retail quantities. There are many certified jewelers and authorized sellers where customers can purchase and sell silver. There are many points to be considered while making an investment in silver. Investment in silver coins and bullions get the exact prevailing value of silver upon resale. In case a customer has invested in silver jewellery or silver household items, the resale value will be reduced by almost 15% of the prevailing rate. This is due to the fact that jewelers and authorized dealers will pay only for the value of silver. This reduced value of silver is on account of melting charge or making charge of the jewellery.

It is therefore advisable to invest in silver coins or bullions if silver is purchased as a mode of investment.

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Understanding the Purity of Silver

Like gold, silver also has various levels of variants of purity that determine its quality and price. Gold can be classified in purity of 18 carat, 22 carat or 24 carat purity. Silver can be found in various purity levels the highest of which is 9999.

When a customer goes to sell the silver jewellery owned by him/her, the seller will pay the price of the silver according to the purity and weight of the precious metal. Certified sellers and buyers of such metal and jewelers have special methods to measure or determine the purity of the metal and grade it accordingly.

Why invest in silver bars and coins in Gujarat?

Customers have the option to invest in silver in the form of silver bars and silver coins along with silver jewellery as well as silver household items like utensils or related to a place of worship.

Customers can purchase silver coins or bars of various weights or purity for investment purposes. Coins are available in the weights ranging from as low as 2 grams to as high as 1 kg. The various options that the customers can choose from are 2 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 15 gram, 25 gram, 40 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram, 500 gram and 1000 gram or 1 kg.

In the case of silver bars as well, customers get many options in weights and purity. These weight options range from 10 ounce to 1 kg. The purity of these bars range from 0.999 to 0.9999 which is the highest purity level of silver as mentioned above.

Customers can purchase silver coins or bars from authorized dealers or even from banks. However, it is to be noted that purchasing from a jeweler or a dealer is cheaper as compared to purchasing silver coins or bars from a bank.

The other option to purchase silver is through the futures exchange or silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). ETF is the platform to trade in silver like any other commodity. It is not available in the state of Gujarat. Customers can, however, choose to trade in an ETF in the US market. The prima facie condition for the same is to open an account and register with an ETF through a certified stock broker.

Futures exchange is the trading option for silver like any other commodity. However, the quantities of such trade are in bulk as compared to trading in other precious metals like gold. This platform is therefore used by serious traders and not by those who want to dabble in such trade without any expertise. There are many charges that are part of such trade like brokerage, stamp duty etc.

Points to Remember while Buying Silver in Gujarat

Customers need to remember a few points while purchasing or investing in silver. This will ensure that the customers get the best price and the correct weight according to their needs like for trading or for personal use. Some of such details are mentioned below.

  • The first and foremost thing to do while purchasing or investing in silver is to track the rates of this commodity. The rates of silver change on a daily basis and hence it is important to keep a track of the same. This will enable the customers to get the best price for silver.
  • The other important decision is to determine where the customer wants to buy the silver from and the form of such precious metal. Customers can buy the silver from either certified jewelers or even from banks. Silver can be bought in the form of coins, bars, jewellery and even in the form of household items.
  • Customers have to also ensure that they have the proper certification for the silver purchased from either of the sources mentioned above. Silver will have the following markings as part of certification.
    • Jeweler’s or manufacturer’s mark
    • The purity or fineness of the commodity
    • The year of marking
    • BIS Mark (Bureau of Indian Standards) used to hallmarking silver since 2005
    • Assay centre’s identification mark
    • Customers can also purchase silver online through certified e-commerce sellers. It is risky to purchase silver online as there can be chances of being cheated. Hence it is advisable to purchase silver only through certified and recognized e-commerce sellers.

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FAQs of Today's Silver Rate in Gujarat

1. Is the price of silver constant?

No. The price of silver changes on a daily basis.

2. Where can a person purchase silver in Gujarat?

A customer can purchase silver through certified e-commerce sellers, jewelers or even through banks.

3. What are the various forms in which silver is available for investment?

The various forms of silver available for purchase are jewellery, coins, bars or household items. However, if the customer is purchasing silver for investment purposes, it should be noted that silver in the form of coin or bars will give the highest resale value as there will be no wastage or reduction in value in the form of making charges or melting charges or even on account of any other precious stones imbedded with the silver jewellery. Customers can get the value for the total weight of silver held in the form of bars or coins.

4. What are some of the factors affecting silver prices in Gujarat?

Some of the main factors affecting prices of silver in Gujarat are the industrial demand for silver, the investment demand as well as the ancillary costs associated with buying of silver.

5. What is the lowest weight of silver coins available for purchase in Gujarat?

Customers in Gujarat can purchase silver coins of weight as low as 1 gram with certified purity of 999.
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