Yes, you can pre-close a loan from CASHe. If you want to clear your loan amount early or pay off a huge amount before the due date, you can do it without paying any extra fees on CASHe. This is because CASHe does not charge any penalty for preclosure or part-payments. 

What Are The Steps To Pre-close A Loan From CASHe?

You can foreclose a personal loan obtained from CASHe by contacting the CASHe branch from where you procured the loan. Make sure to collect the NOC and loan statements of the last paid EMIs as soon as you prepay or part-pay your personal loan. 

The steps for closing CASHe personal loan are as follows:

  • Pay the last EMI of the CASHe loan and contact the bank for closing the loan 
  • Provide all the pertinent documents, such as the last EMI payment,  identity proof, and loan account number to the CASHe branch from where you took the loan. 
  • On verifying all the documents and their validity, the bank will give the No Objection Certificate or the NOC. No objection certificate will be issued if you have paid all your EMIs and if you do not have any outstanding amount. 

Does Foreclosure Of CASHe Personal Loan Affect CIBILTM?

The foreclosure of your CASHe personal loan may not affect your  CIBIL™ Score  directly. But it may have an impact on your credit history and may probably affect your chances of creating a good credit history. This will impact your credit score