ICICI Bank offers some of the best credit cards in the market. These cards come with a number of benefits and advantages for the users. 

EMI Option on ICICI Bank Credit Cards

One of the primary benefits of credit cards is the EMI Option.

  • It allows you to convert transactions of Rs.3000 and more into easy EMI options
  • You can choose tenures of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to repay the bill amount conveniently
  • Many merchants offer 0% EMIs on select products or festival season
  • The interest rate is lower compared to your annual APR

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How can I convert my ICICI Credit Card transactions to EMI?

  • Login to your ICICI Bank Net Banking Account
  • Go to the ‘Credit Cards’ tab and choose your credit card
  • It will show your unbilled transactions
  • Choose the one you want to convert to EMI
  • It will show you the interest rates and EMI tenures available for the transaction
  • Make your selection and hit ‘Submit’

Points to remember while converting your transactions to EMI

  • Only transactions of Rs.3,000 or more can be converted to EMI
  • Transaction for the purchase of gold, jewellery, fuel or cash cannot be converted into EMI
  • The minimum interest rate is 1.33% per month
  • There will be a one-time processing fee at the time of EMI conversion
  • Transactions older than 30 days cannot be converted into EMI.