Flexi loans are loans that are lower in quantum and also tenure for an applicant. Once the loan is applied for, the disbursal is quicker and the documentation required for the loan is also very less. Taking these Flexi loans can either impact your score in a positive or a negative way. If the loan is repaid on time and as per the terms and conditions, then the credit score will have a positive impact but if the loan is not repaid on time then the credit score of any individual may be hampered because of the non-payment or late payment of the loan.

What is the impact of repaying KreditBee flexi loans on time?

If your Flexi loans are repaid, there is a chance that higher amounts of loans will be disbursed to the individual in future. If any loans are applied for by the individual, then first the Flexi loan from KreditBee should be repaid so as to get the disbursement of the other loans from the company. The tenure of the flexi loans cannot be changed once they are decided by the customer. The company will have the right to reject your Flexi loan application if they feel that the individual is not credit-worthy. 

What is the process to avail the KreditBee flexi loan?

For availing of the KreditBee Flexi loan one can sign in with the Facebook account and upload all the necessary documents on the app. Once the verification process is done, the loan gets disbursed in 15 minutes.

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