Business finance refers to the money that is used to run a business. It is required to purchase resources like goods, raw material and is also needed for handling assets. Capital is needed during the initial stages and also during the fully operational stages of a business. As a business grows it would need to establish a functional financial unit that would analyze the overall expenses and provide data that would be useful in turning the business profitable and mitigate losses if any.

Business is the generation and circulation of products and services to make sure the society gets what it needs. A business would not be able to function unless there is enough money accessible for all the needs of the company. There should be consistent research on the financial needs of the company and there should be effective financial management to maintain the business. There are two capital requirements for businesses: Working capital, Fixed capital. Every business needs a fixed capital in order to begin a business as funds are required to buy assets like land, buildings, machinery, etc. A business would also need funds for day-to-day activities like purchasing raw material, wages, rent, and taxes.