Finance is more mathematically involved than most aspects of economics. Most finance degrees are a mix of finance, economics and a little accounting. Depending on the courses provided some institutions provide more economic focus, which might be harder. There are few things to consider before you decide whether you want a career in finance. Financial discussions might be difficult because not everyone will understand financial terms when you are explaining a situation to them. You would need good communication skills to break down what you need to convey, without using any jargon.

Finance professionals deal with problem-solving on a daily basis. They need to deal with determining the most optimal solution that their clients require. You would also need good critical thinking skills to handle tricky situations. If maths is not one of your strengths and you have an aversion towards numbers then finance might not be your calling. Finance is not meant for everyone but people who might like dealing with numbers, financial models and spreadsheets might not feel a finance major is hard.