Sundaram Home Finance home loan EMI is the amount that a home loan borrower needs to pay every month till the end of the loan tenure. Sundaram Home Finance offers home loans at interest rates starting 6.95% p.a. for a maximum loan tenure of 20 years. The processing fee details of this home loan are:

Loan Amount

Home Loan Rate

Upto Rs. 30 Lakhs


Rs. 30 Lakhs – Rs. 75 Lakhs


Rs. 75 Lakhs – Rs. 2 Cr


Above Rs. 2 Cr


Some of the top features of Sundaram Home Finance home loan are:

  • Sundaram Home Finance home loan EMI for every Rs. 1 Lakh of the loan amount is Rs. 772. This is one of the lowest EMI amounts offered by banks in India.  
  • Housing loan EMI in Sundaram Home Finance is based on the loan amount, loan tenure and the interest rate offered.
  • It is advisable to calculate home loan EMI for Sundaram Home Finance home loan before making a loan application. For estimating the home loan EMI, one can use an online EMI calculator. 

The below table provides EMIs for three different loan tenure options and loan amounts @ interest rate of 6.95% p.a.: 

Loan Amount

10 Year Loan

15 Year Loan

20 Year Loan

Rs. 10 Lakh

Rs. 11,585

Rs. 8,960

Rs. 7,723

Rs. 20 Lakh

Rs. 23,170

Rs. 17,921

Rs. 15,446

Rs. 30 Lakh

Rs. 34,755

Rs. 26,881

Rs. 23,169

Rs. 50 Lakh

Rs. 57,925

Rs. 44,802

Rs. 38,615

You can calculate the housing loan EMI before making a loan application so that you can plan loan repayments. There are many EMI calculators available online that provide accurate results of EMI calculations.