Fixing your credit is a long term process. This doesn’t happen overnight. A good credit score necessitates disciplined credit management. Although you won't be able to raise your credit score overnight, taking these steps would have a huge effect.

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1. Stop missing payments: Your payment history is one of the most significant variables in deciding your credit ratings, and maintaining a long history of on-time payments will help you earn outstanding credit scores. To do that, make sure you don't delay any loan or credit card payments for longer than 29 days; payments that are at least 30 days late will be registered to credit bureaus and damage your credit ratings.

2. Pay off long-standing loan EMIs and credit card bills: If you're behind on your bills, getting them up to date can help. While a late payment will stay on your credit report for up to seven years, keeping all of your records up to date will help your ratings. Furthermore, it prevents further late fines and late penalties from being applied to your loan account. 

3. Reduce the balance on your revolving credit accounts: Even if you are not in debt, maintaining a high balance on revolving credit accounts will result in a high credit usage rate and damage your credit scores. Credit cards and lines of credit are examples of revolving balances, and keeping a low balance on them according to their credit caps will help you increase your credit scores. Many with the best credit ratings have credit usage ratios in the low single digits.

4. Refrain from applying for new loans: While applying for different kinds of loans is necessary to establish your credit, you can normally restrict the number of credit applications you submit. Each submission can result in a hard investigation, which can lower your scores somewhat, but inquiries can accumulate and have a compounding impact on your credit scores. Opening a new account reduces the average age of your records, which can lower your ratings.

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There is no shortcut to fixing your credit. It is a diligent process that requires disciplined debt management. Following the above steps will ensure that your credit score sees a sure increase gradually.