FASTag has been made mandatory all over the country. Vehicles passing through any NH has to have FASTag so that the toll charges are automatically deducted from your wallet. 

The toll charges are different for single trips and round trips. Taking a round trip is passing a specific toll plaza twice within a particular time frame. For example, if a single trip costs Rs.30 and you are planning to pass that same toll while coming back, you wouldn’t have to pay another Rs. 30 for it but the total round trip cost will be Rs.45. Here’s what happens when you take a round trip:

  • The first time a customer crosses a toll, FASTag will deduct Rs.30
  • When the customer comes back to the toll, the difference between Rs.45 and Rs.30 which is Rs.15 will be deducted at the toll
  • But if the customer crosses the toll again he/she will be charged another Rs.30
  • So ultimately, there will be a pre-fixed charge for single trips and round trips and the costs will differ from toll to toll. In the case above, the cost of one round trip is Rs.30. When the customer decides to come back to the toll, Rs.15 will be deducted making the total roundtrip cost Rs.45.