Generally, medically bills do not appear on credit reports. But in rare cases they can appear if you haven't paid it for at least 180 days. Here is where you have to be cautious because once the unpaid medical bill goes to collection then the collection will appear on your credit report and as usual it will continue having a long-term negative impact on your credit report. 

There are two ways you might be able to remove medical bills from credit reports.

  1. Try asking your health insurance company to cover it under the health insurance plan. If your insurance company pays it then the credit reporting bureau may remove it from the credit report. So if there is a possibility that the insurance company can pay the medical bill then follow up and ask it to reconsider your insurance claims.
  2. See if there is an error in the report regarding the medical bill. If that's the case then you can raise a dispute. Check to make sure that the credit report is accurate. If you feel that the medical bill has been placed in the credit report by mistake then you can challenge it.

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