You can opt to avail the moratorium for your SBI Bank credit card dues. The moratorium means that it’s just a deferment of payment and your credit dues will continue to accumulate interest and other charges(other than Late Payment Charges and residual GST). So it is advised to make card payments regularly, to lessen the burden from accumulation of outstanding amounts. The moratorium has been extended till August 31, 2020.

By making your regular payments you will also be able to avoid interest that will continue to accrue on outstanding amounts and you can also ensure that your card will not get restricted for usage based on internal policies. Even if you opt for the moratorium, your credit card statements will continue to  get generated and will be sent to you. These statements will include past dues, EMIs and new charges that will include usage, interest levied due to deferral of payment during the moratorium. To apply for the moratorium extension, customers are required to apply for the moratorium extension starting 20 days prior to the due date and at least 5 days prior to Payment Due Date. Only then will they be considered for moratorium for the given month.