This Knowledge base is aimed at addressing frequently asked questions on how the process works at CreditMantri in order to make you loan/credit card eligible.

1 Flowchart of resolution process

CreditMantri is a provider of comprehensive Credit Analysis and Credit Improvement programmes.

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2 Format of the Credit Health Report
Credit Health Report

Our Credit Health report is comprehensive and gives you a clear overview of your credit report, any underlying issues and how to address the same.
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3 What you can expect after you sign-up for our "Credit Improvement" service

We offer the below services:

We will contact your lenders on your behalf and discuss payment terms, so that your credit report can be cleared of all negative status markings.

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4 Do I make payment of the lender dues to CreditMantri or to the bank directly?

All payments due to a lender are made directly by you to the lender. Once the payment is made, we co-ordinate with the lender and the credit bureau to update your records, based upon a copy of the receipt.

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5 Do I need to repay the lenders immediately and as a single payment?

Lenders typically provide a payment schedule which you have the option to agree and accept. Some lenders are willing to provide an EMI solution for a few months, as long as you have a genuine intent to make outstanding dues payment.

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6 Can I call CreditMantri at any time in the future?

At CreditMantri we are always willing to assist you, whether you are a customer or not. You always have the option of reaching out to us or writing to our community for any questions or clarifications with respect to credit health

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