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Home Loan Eligibility Calculator - Find Your Borrowing Potential

When you don’t meet the lender’s eligibility requirements for a home loan and still apply for it, your loan application is likely to get rejected.

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Top 5 Home Renovation Loans in India

Lending institutions give up to 90% of the project cost as home renovation loans. These loans are obtained for repairs or expansion of an existing property. Because buying a home does not necessarily mean purchasing a new plot or a newly constructed house. You can go in for an already existing one.

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Home loan EMI versus monthly rent: What should you opt for?

When it comes to housing options, one of the biggest dilemmas many individuals face in India is whether to take a home loan and pay equated monthly installments (EMIs) or continue renting a property

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Do I Need a Good Credit Score for a Home Improvement Loan?

Embarking on home improvement projects is an exciting endeavour for homeowners. However, financing these projects can often be a challenge. One ready solution for securing funds is through a home improvement loan.

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How Can I reduce my Home Loan EMI Burden?

Home loan EMI can form a substantial part of your monthly financial outflow. Home loans are generally the bigger loans and the EMI can go on for years. Let us understand how the home loan EMI burden can be reduced.

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How to Withdraw PF Amount to Repay Home Loan

You can withdraw your Provident Fund amount to repay your home loan. You can withdraw up to 90% of the EPF amount to repay home loans. The Employees Provident fund can be withdrawn at the age of 55 years for retirement purposes.

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How To Get A Loan Using CreditFit

CreditFit is a product launched by CreditMantri. You can enhance your credit score and get loans at best market interest rates using CreditFit. We have a team of experts who will give valuable tips for these. Let us now read on to find out more about how to get a loan and the role of CreditFit in getting a loan.

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How to Download SBI Home Loan Provisional Interest Certificate?

SBI home loan provisional interest certificate can be downloaded from SBI bank’s official website. The certificate can be viewed, printed, and downloaded in a pdf format.

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 How much personal and home loan can I get based on my salary?

Personal loans for salaried people are mainly dependent on their income and expense factors. Most banks mostly require a minimum monthly income of Rs. 20,000 to approve a personal loan for salaried people.

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Home Loan for Salaried Employees, features, interest rates

Home loans for salaried employees are offered by many Indian banks and financial institutions. If you work for a good company and have a stable income, it should not be difficult to get a home loan approved.

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How Does A Loan Affect Your Credit Score? Positive and Negative Impact

Loans are a great way to obtain cash to pay for anything, be it your wedding, vacation, medical emergencies, education, etc. But, loans have a great impact on your credit score. If you make timely payments on your loans, then it will have a positive impact on your credit score.

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Top-Up Home Loan Vs Balance Transfer: Which Is The Better Option?

Consider a scenario where you borrowed a home loan to buy your dream house. You are aware of the repayment schedules and also plan your finances accordingly. You will be paying the EMIs at the decided interest rates.

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Key questions to ask yourself before applying for a home loan

Buying a home is a major life decision and needs a lot of financial planning. Even a small error in availing a home loan can spoil your dream of owning a house and also disrupt your budget. Home loans are long-term borrowings and are generally a big sum.

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12 Questions To Ask The Bank Before Applying For A Home Loan

Home loans are a long-term commitment, so you should have full clarity on the terms and conditions of the loan before you apply. This will enable you to better understand whether the loan is right for you, and will help you save time and money when you apply.

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How Home Loan Borrowers Can Benefit from the Home Loan EMI Calculator

Probably, the person who aspires to build a new house would have planned for months before applying for a home loan. Priorly planning, doing a lot of legwork, and research helps to avail of housing loans at the best deal from leading lenders in the market. As part of the home loan planning process, the EMI calculation is a must to find the interest rate of your home loan.

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Looking To Repay A Loan? Here Are Some Facts Worth Considering First

Banks & NBFCs go all out to woo potential borrowers. They advertise their interest rates, fees, and other charges to attract borrowers to their loan offerings. Borrowers too are constantly looking to avail credit for a number of reasons. Personal loans, credit cards, home loans, car loans, education loans, and many other loan products are available to borrowers to meet their financial needs.

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Six benefits of a top up home loan

Home loans are long term loans that extend up to 30 years. These loans are a great way to get cheap funding to own a home. A home loan also offers other additional benefits to the borrowers. One such facility is the top-up home loan.

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Should you pay off your home loan before investing for retirement?

This dilemma of paying off the loans or investing and saving for retirement has been a major cause of concern for the strata of people who are salaried in the economy. The salaried individual will avail of a loan and select an EMI that he can comfortably pay from his earnings.

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Understanding the Benefit of the Home Loan EMI Calculator

Are you planning to take a home loan to buy your dream home? The most important things you need to consider before taking a home loan are the equated monthly instalments and the interest payable.

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6 Factors That Affect Your Home Loan Eligibility

A Home Loan is a credit facility provided by banks and NBFCs to individuals wanting to buy a house or land, build a house on their plot, or for home renovation and maintenance needs.

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Should you Add a Co-Applicant to Your Home Loan?

A home loan application being rejected can cause many troubles, one of the major ones being the inability to achieve your dream of owning a home.

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