Axis Bank credit cards come with various attractive offers and benefits for its customers. While it is pretty easy to apply for an Axis Bank credit card, it is simple to close or cancel it too. You simply have to call the Axis Bank credit card customer care number from your registered mobile number or walk in to your nearest branch to achieve this. 

Steps To Close Your Axis Bank Credit Card Through Customer Care

  1. Call Axis Bank credit card customer care at 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555
  2. You can talk to a customer service agent to get your credit card canceled at any time
  3. Once the request has been registered, the credit card will be blocked immediately
  4. The entire process shall be completed within 48 hours of registering your request
  5. Axis Bank would request you to cut the card into small pieces before you dispose it to prevent misuse

It is as simple as that. If you are having a hard time managing your credit card and paying the bills, we have a handy guide on ‘How To Clear Credit Card Debt Efficiently’

How To Close Your Axis Bank Credit Card At Your Nearest Axis Bank Branch? 

You can find the nearest Axis Bank branch here. Once you have the location, you can visit the bank branch during business hours and submit a request to close or cancel your Axis Bank credit card. The bank would usually require you to submit a written request to cancel the card and also ask to see the physical card for verification.

Once they verify the account details, they will initiate the cancellation and your card shall be deactivated immediately. You can then dispose of your card safely by cutting it into small pieces. 

Why You Should Not Cancel Your Axis Bank Credit Card

Being one of India’s largest banks Axis Bank has made it a mission to provide customers the best in class service. Axis Bank provides tailor made products to satisfy each and every customer requirement which can clearly be seen in their credit card offers. Axis Bank offers multiple types of credit cards suited for shopping, lifestyle, entertainment, travel and health.

They come with a simple application process and eligibility criteria. There are various other benefits like the Rewards Program, joining bonuses, cashbacks, insurance benefits, and more. Check the list of latest Axis Bank credit cards and you could probably upgrade your current Axis Bank credit card to one that suits your needs better, rather than cancelling it. 

Remember To Do These Things Before Closing Your Axis Bank Credit Card

Once you have decided to close down your Axis Bank credit card, ensure to complete the following steps.

1. Redeem all your existing reward points or claim all those cashback points. Once you cancel the card, you may not be able to use the points.

2. Clear all outstanding dues. This is necessary to avoid charges while the card is suspended.

3. Check if there are any standing instructions on the card. And if needed, update alternate payment options on the respective services.

Will I Be Charged For Closing Or Cancelling My Axis Bank Credit Card? 

There are no fees associated with card closure. However, in order to execute your card cancellation request, you must first clear your outstanding balance. All outstanding EMIs and credit card loans will be foreclosed, which may incur foreclosure charges as per their respective terms and conditions. 

Can I Reactivate My Axis Bank Credit Card That I Canceled Earlier? 

Yes, you can reactivate a credit card that has been canceled. You can call the Axis Bank customer care number and ask them to reactivate it. However, you might not be able to use the same card. The bank will send you a new card. You may be required to submit documentary proofs again. 

FAQs How To Close Axis Bank Credit Card

1: I didn’t clear the outstanding dues on my Axis Bank credit card before cancelling it. Will this be a problem? 

Yes, the bank will not be able to cancel your card without the outstanding dues cleared. The bank will contact you to clear off the dues before they proceed with the cancellation. 

2: I canceled my Axis Bank credit card a few months back but my latest credit report still reflects it. What should I do now? 

You should call your bank immediately and tell them to inform the credit bureau about this. You can also contact the credit bureau and inform them of the same. They should be able to confirm it with the bank and update your records. Don’t forget to check the credit report again next month to ensure that the records have been updated. 

3: Can I redeem all my Axis credit card reward points at one go before cancelling my account?

Yes, you can use all of your reward points before closing your credit card, either as cashback, flying miles, or catalogue reward points.

4: How long does it usually take the bank to close my credit card account? 

The credit card will be promptly blocked as soon as the cancellation request has been registered. The full procedure should be completed within 48 hours of submitting your request. To prevent misuse, Axis Bank would like you to cut the card into little pieces before disposing of it.

5: What will happen to the existing EMIs on my credit card when I cancel the card? 

When you place a request to cancel the card, the bank will calculate your total outstanding, including any loans or EMIs currently running on the credit card. So you need to pay all these outstanding amounts to close down your credit card.