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What are the things one should take care of to have a good CIBIL Score and also how to maintain it?

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To build a good score, the following must be done:

1. Get yourself a secured credit card and use it very wisely. 2. Make all the payments for your active credit in a timely manner. 3. Don't over-leverage - don't take too much credit. To maintain a good credit score you need to follow the few steps provided below: 1. If you avail any credit cards ensure that you do not have them in large numbers. Have a maximum of 2. 2. Ensure that your credit utilization is not very much. Avoid utilizing your credit card to the maximum limit. 3. Make payments for your dues on time and pay the full amount. Never pay only minimum balance. An intelligent approach will be to utilize your limit in smaller amounts so that you do not have a burden of running out of cash during repayment. 4. Try to restrict your non-mortgage loans such as credit cards or personal loans to a minimum. Otherwise, it depicts a poor credit history. 5. If you have mix of loans, especially, mortgage loan like home loan it reflects positively. 6. Try not to initiate enquiries until it is absolutely necessary. Too many loan enquiries can also be a factor for consideration. 6. Pay all your EMIs on time. 7. Check your CIBIL report at least once a year..

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